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Syncplicity Business


Jan 28, 2019

Syncplicity Business | 27 Mb
Compose a digital workplace. Your way. Your Cloud. Secure, enterprise file sharing and content collaboration that helps companies build a digital workplace that integrates with their digital business.

Innovative User Experiences
Work where you want, when you want, with an enterprise solution that looks and feels like a consumer solution.

Advanced Data Protection
Global content protection and compliance with maximum visibility and security controls.

Modern IT Infrastructure
Your cloud. With Syncplicity's hybrid-cloud architecture you can modernize your workforce but store your files - on-premises, private or public cloud.

Ecosystem Collaboration
Collaborate across devices, touch points, and partners.

File sharing and content collaboration made easy.
Syncplicity brings a consistent, intuitive interface to day-to-day file sharing and collaboration, providing a consumer-like experience your employees want to adopt and use all the time. It lives on all their devices, going wherever they go and automatically keeping shared files up to date whether on-premises and in the cloud.

Internal file sharing
With Syncplicity, users can easily share sensitive and non-sensitive files across the organization without risking security breaches.

Unleash the power of collaboration by providing secure accessibility to all enterprise files for sharing, editing and collaborating with teams.

External file sharing
Syncplicity is the most secure solution for sharing files and folders with external partners. A unique feature, Affiliate Sharing, gives IT the visibility and control required to enable external file sharing and collaboration.

Any device, anywhere
Your users can work the way they want anytime, anywhere - from the web, desktop or mobile device. Syncplicity provides offline access for users who are on the go or in the field.

Securely manage unstructured data in the cloud or on-premises
Modernizing your IT infrastructure with Syncplicity's hybrid cloud capability gives organizations a way to regain control of their unstructured data, secure it, and make it accessible anytime, anywhere. Syncplicity delivers all the secure file sharing and collaboration functionality of tomorrow, while integrating with what's working for you today.

Desktop replication + rollback
Your data and files (every version) are backed up in the cloud in real time, so it's always available on any device. If a device is lost, Syncplicity keeps a copy of all the files for immediate recovery.

Home directory + file share replacement
Accelerate productivity and collaboration by modernizing your home directories and file shares. Users gain seamless access to their files from any device, anywhere.

Hybrid-cloud architecture
The Syncplicity hybrid cloud is policy-driven. Customers have the flexibility to decide where files are stored, and how they're stored. You can store on-premises, in the public or private cloud, or a combination.

Consolidate + connect to content repositories
With Syncplicity's hybrid cloud architecture, you can combine storage. Consolidate hundreds of distributed file servers with attached network drives into a few regional locations, or connect to other enterprise content systems.

A solution built for users, trusted by IT

Consider the 3 AM test officially passed. Syncplicity offers on-premises level security and data protection, but with a cloud experience. IT defines access and security policies across your sharing ecosystem while complying with GDPR and other data sovereignty regulations. Today and in the future. Automatically store your latest files for easy recovery in case of a ransomware attack. You rest easy every hour of the day.

Maximum visibility + control
The flexibility of Syncplicity's Policy-Driven, Hybrid Cloud offers enterprises the control to define storage location based on users' business roles, national residence, or sensitivity of data.

Zero content knowledge
Syncplicity StorageVault Authentication (SVA) and certificate-based authentication offer the highest level of security and control to assure compliance with the strictest data processing and confidentiality frameworks.

Data protection + residency
With Syncplicity you choose where data is stored and under which national sovereignty the data will be processed. Syncplicity PrivacyRegions enable enterprises the option to confine storage and processing of all their files, metadata, and personal information regionally.

Data loss prevention
To enforce data security policies for sensitive and confidential content, Syncplicity integrates with leading DLP solutions to restrict access to, and sharing of, documents based on an organization's DLP classification and group-based policies

System Requirements:
  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Vista
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